Friday, December 19, 2014

Sony vs. Kim Jong-un / Impaired vs. Impaired

It’s no surprise North Korea would be upset about the recent movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogan. You’ve heard about it; Tee Tong-lu vs. Wollywood. [See how easy it is to change a name] North Korea lives in a world of its own, a country ruled by one man who has shown signs of complete insanity. Hollywood, on the other hand, is dictated by an elite group of snot-nosed fakes. I think we have an evenly matched dispute.

It makes sense Hollywood would throw a tantrum when rejected. It’s tough living in a world of make believe. After being worshiped like Gods and making money hand over foot, it’s only natural these filmmakers would start to believe they’re invincible. But when Americans are expected to climb on board the coo-coo train; maybe it’s time for a little dose of reality.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this brainless plot was devised for money, but are we really supposed to allow extreme egotism to dictate our safety? Not that I’m supporting Kim Jong-un, but a quick look at the mindset of our own leaders, not to mention Hollywood, might shed some light on why some people fall for these schemes.

Lets face it; the world is not the cuddly, sweet little ball of life some pretend it to be. It’s an age of children shooting children, with Hollywood beating on the ambulance doors, harassing the victim for a story. The movie business is a group of people who slaughter each other in films, make millions at the box office, then campaign for gun control. If that’s not an example of bending over for a buck, I don’t know what is. I don’t share Hollywood’s double standards, and when these moviemakers put a gun to my head and demand I back them up, it’s time to slam on the brakes.

But the argument stands; Hollywood will lose millions. Maybe that’s the price for planning a foolish stunt. Some mistakes are costly. Most of us can’t conceive losing millions—no wait a minute—we give millions to Hollywood; that’s how they make money. My how selfishly they spend it.

Moral fiber has always played a miniscule role in Hollywood, and it definitely won’t be found in Kim Jong-un, but this film’s publicity stunt reaches an all-time low. Even the Cochroachian family could learn a new trick from this swindle. You, Hollywood, have just told us, our safety is second to your greed. Well that just sucks.

Some will support this film because America loves a good thief. For example: we cherish the Rockefellers, honor the Kennedys, and hold the Bush family in high esteem. With so many [self-funded] organizations trying to improve lives of the less fortunate, it seems ironic to worship the fortunes built from slavery, alcohol, and cocaine. Many of you would disagree with that statement, that is, until you do your homework. Not to worry if you’ve never researched the above mentioned; Hollywood has been there all along, twisting the truth to make a buck. Seems ironic Hollywood would preach ethics at this point in the game.

North Korea may be a corrupt place, but when the layers of narcissism are peeled away, our government is ten-fold more corrupt. What makes us special is we’re taught to hide everything negative. Nobody likes a hater, and in the name of freedom, we lie to each other in order to stay positive. We shun other countries that take care of their own people. But the truth behind the brainwashing is simple; America is a business, and “We the People” are the employees. Wall Street runs our government and we, in return, behave as we’re told, happily dancing at the breakfast table with the cherry Pop-Tarts we’re told to buy.

Hollywood operates no differently, enforcing the falseness that Americans are the chosen race; the highest form of mankind, selected by God to flaunt our fantasy lives. Hollywood has made billions sending that message to the world. Some Americans are starting to believe it. Meanwhile the big boys in Hollywood are driving a locomotive across the country at full speed, shaking people for the change in their pockets. In turn, millions of Americans mimic Hollywood’s message, as a morally bankrupt lifestyle will surely make you some money. And boy do we worship money.

I’m not sure who the bitch is in-between the sheets, but Hollywood and Wall Street have a sweet thing going on, and America is rapidly becoming the greediest, most hated, under privileged, and yes, corrupt, ‘Super Power’ on the globe. Kudos on the scam, but I vote we take this train off the tracks.

Now that the cards are on the table, Hollywood, as expected, is crying like a third grader, laying their actions in the governments lap, [There’s a shining example of functionality] eager to toss safety out the window. And you’re right, George Clooney, I would hold you accountable if a family member was killed by attending your film, especially since you’ve placed humans at risk for the sake of a dollar. That said, my family is a little smarter than that, and they definitely wouldn’t expect the government to step in when they, themselves, have done something stupid.

Hollywood and Kim Jong-un seem to be a good match: both blinded by greed, both living under a crown of arrogance, both wholeheartedly believing they are more deserving.
I think it’s fair to say this movie won’t unearth any groundbreaking theories, no earth-shattering discoveries, and certainly no award winning roles. Seth Rogan has the charm of a fourth grader and we love his bouncing stomach, in every, single, movie. James Franco has been around long enough to ask the people of this country for financial aid, imposing Kickstarter on fans who already pay his mortgage.

In all fairness, not all movies are vain and destructive. Some films have a message and they touch the heart. Rare, but true. Kudos on that, but my advice; save your self-righteousness for a good cause, Hollywood.

I disagree Americans should come second to safety, and I think it’s fair to say we’ve reached a boiling point with our country’s lack of respect for human beings. All in all, this isn’t about backing down from a bully; it’s about placing innocent people in harms way. If Hollywood chooses to stand on North Korean soil and propose this idiotic scheme, then go ahead, get your own heads blown off, but leave us out of your arrogant plot. Now is not the time to pile your shit-stirring on the average American, the ones who pay all debts in this country, and the ones who grieve when the slaughtering reaches our families—eighty Americans every day.

Since we’re told we don’t matter, I propose every theater in the country increase security and send Hollywood the invoice. Personally, I’m exhausted with footing the bill for millionaire babies who make a living sucking cash from others.

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  1. Yup. Well said. Pretty darn perfect, in fact. My first thought - when I saw the trailer - was 'you've got to be kidding me'. It's creepy what they did. The whole movie is about planning to murder a real person. A real person who doesn't like the U.S. Are you kidding me? You can't hide behind pratfalls and fart jokes - you openly go to murder a real person. And if that person had been Obama or Bush (any of them) or Gwyneth Paltrow, people would talk about it and have strong opinions but my family and I wouldn't have to worry about retaliation. We have freedom of expression but others don't.
    My father always says your right to wave your fist ends where my face begins.
    My mother says what's missing in this choice-of-movie is common sense. On one hand, I'm surprised you didn't mention that in your blog post, but on the other hand, it's kind of silly to expect it, isn't it? And isn't that really sad?
    Fantastic blog post, thank you for sharing.