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Auto Shows, Screenplays, and Websites .

Auto Shows, Screenplays, and Websites … 

Now that winter and summer happen in the same week, do we need to change our clocks? Hmm … With one of the wackiest winters in the books, it’s time to wish everyone a breathtaking spring. Literally.
That said; there’s nothing better than cold weather to make someone stay home and work, and that’s just what we did. 
Let’s get to the nuts and bolts. 

Nathan Juju got a little restless sitting on the sidelines so they’re branching out on their own. 
It’s like this: A man named Jacob Fourzan started a one-of-a-kind Auto Show about a decade ago, and since then he’s managed to turn it into one the biggest auto shows in the Southwest. Literally thousands of people from NM, AZ, NV, CA, CO, and TX, now attend this show, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler, he donates everything, every year, to a charity or organization that has something to do with human and animal rights. You Gotta …I repeat, GOTTA love that.
How do we tie in to an auto show?

Our very own Nathan Juju will be a sponsor this year. (Can I get a hell yeah out there?) We’re handing out hundreds of CDs, playing some games, doin’ that Social media thang, and sailing the big ol’ Nathan Juju banner. We’re wicked excited about being involved with this auto show, and PROUD help support the cause. The auto show is hereand if you can’t make it you can donate right hereBottom line: Too many children have been dealt a bad blow in this world. Investing in them is an investment in our future. Nuff said.

Hey … Mr. Tim Thompson is out that way. Maybe he’ll sing a Quitman Highway tribute at one of his gigs? What say you, Mr. Talented Tim? 

It's all in the DNA
It’s long been said, and, (ahem) known … that a Multimedia Trilogyshould have a Multimedia Website. Thank you, Mr. Winter, for giving us time to get that done. 
We’d love it if you took a peek at the new EKKO Mysteries Multimedia WebsiteIt’s packed with eye-catching videos, music clips, and story-telling galleries, all designed to keep words to a minimum. While you’re there, give your tired eyes a rest and listen  to our EKKO Audio Synopsis on the front page.
You know we love suggestions, so the best idea sent in about our website will receive TACOS FOR TWO. Now you’re wondering, “How the hell will they ship me some tacos?” It’s easy. We won’t. 
        We’re sending the winner $25.00 to choose your own tacos. 
                                                                                           How dat? 

Santa Monica
I squeezed in a trip to Fiji this winter. Okay, maybe Los Angeles, but it felt like Fiji compared to New York weather. I met some amazing industry peeps and pitched The EKKO Series Pilot  Follow the Stones to a few industry folks. 
While I was there I entered the Screenplay in some contests, one of which thought our Pilot was worthy of the February 2017 Critics Pick. They videotaped a live reading of the opening scene and posted it on YouTube. That was just cool. A mountain of shouts-outs to Brooks Crudup for his uber-talented collaboration on the book adaptation. 

Readings are kinda like oysters, an acquired taste, so if you happen to be a seafood fan then boogie on over to this link.  With a revised Pilot being edited and more pitching scheduled, we’re on our way to finding the right home for the EKKO series.

And who could leave LA without being a guest on Bob Dean’s Podcast
                               Not me. That’s who. (EP 3)

As more and more people climb aboard the EKKO train, we can’t help but feel honored. 
Gracie! Domo! Merci! Dankeshen! THANK YOU … for your support.
Get your sunscreen out and stock up on allergy pills cause warm weather is on the way. As you live your life to the fullest, please let us know what you’re up to. We love hearing from you.

From all of us to each of you, we send our very best!
Johnny Walker

Thursday, October 6, 2016

It's  EKKO’s  Birthday!

  Ten years ago today, October 6, 2006, EKKO was picked up by a publisher in Baltimore. My good pal Joey Porter witnessed the contract and I was launched into fame and riches. Sort of. It took a while but I eventually discovered they weren’t the most reliable of publishing houses. Seems books were selling while the checks were dwindling. It took five years to get out of that contract, but EKKO eventually broke free of the shackles.

In May of 2010 I lost my job, and that’s when I decided to go full steam with EKKO. Following the advice of my first editor, I started developing EKKO into a series. The first book was rewritten, and I started outlining books two and three.

December 2012, I put a business plan together and got a partner, and as fate would have it I acquired the best partner any entrepreneur could hope for in Michael Palitz, who, with my enduring appreciation, decided to come on board. Together we structured the series, the music, and the future of EKKO, then put our noses to the grindstone.

 Somewhere in 2013, Nathan Juju became a larger part of the story so I wrote some songs that E, the lead singer, would want to sing, (we’re pretty good pals, he and I) and I was lucky enough to acquire some incredible musicians [Tim Thompson, Halley DeVestern, Ted Stafford, Dirk Kennedy] to help with the recordings.

Before we knew it - ‘Wholla’ ... Nathan juju had come to life.

In December 2014, as technology advanced, we followed suit and built the Multimedia books, housing the 1000 page EKKO Trilogy, and featuring the music of Nathan Juju.

 May 2015, we took EKKO to the monster of all book fairs, BEA, held at Jacob Javits here in New York City. We pimped the Paperbacks, eBooks, Multimedia Books, Nathan Juju CDs, and oh yeah – buttloads of candy.

July of 2015, we got a film option (I’m sure it was the candy) and began developing EKKO into a movie. Now, you didn’t think this would all be so smooth – did you? Of course not. As fate would have it, that movie deal turned out to be, hmmm, not so swell. Seems EKKO ended up at the racetrack with Uncle Vinney. (Thanks Hollywood)

 Jan 2016, we restructured and were lucky enough to have Brooks Crudup come on board as a writer, and together he and I wrote the first two episodes of the  EKKO series. With the help of our amazing Line Producer, Gary Lowe, we have a budget and the series is moving in the right direction. (And yes, every bit of encouraging feedback from the industry makes my ghostly heart skip a beat.)

Last month we opened Talisman Productions Inc, our own production company, to handle the legals, logistics, and production of the EKKO Series.

 I may have missed a detail or fifty in that ten year recap, but suffice it to say EKKO has taught me to be an engineer, to drive this train through thick and thin, to stay true to something I believe in, and to remain true to those who support us.  As all of this comes together, I speak for the team when I say we are dedicated to leaping over the approaching hurdles and will stop at nothing to bring EKKO to your living room.

None of this, let me repeat that, NONE of this would be possible without the support you guys have shown over the years. You are the true backbone of EKKO, and with every ounce of appreciation we have, we want to THANK YOU!

Now get out and enjoy this Fall weather!

My very best to you and yours,
Johnny Walker

CIC Publishing

Monday, August 1, 2016

The EKKO Trilogy is being adapted for a cable series ...

What we learned in trying to make a movie is this; you can't shove, squeeze, or force ten pounds of potatoes into a five pound bag - no matter how hard you try. So we regrouped.

Now it seems things are moving in the right direction.

This reading was held July 27 here in NYC, where both the Pilot and Episode One went as smooth as 'butta.' With the help of our awesome Line Producer, Gary Lowe, we now have a budget and the wheels are turning.

Will you join us when we premiere the series? 

Is there a hashtag for "Holy shit I'm so excited?"

Proud to share some pics of the talented group of actors reading the EKKO series.


Episode one 


Halley DeVestern, Jeanna Leu, Dean Gimmel, Dylan Diegel, Robert Gelfand, 
Zachary Michael, Sagar Katan Patel, Rosanne Rubino.

Directed by Sammy Dallas Bayes.


Friday, May 20, 2016

EKKO Mysteries author Johnny Walker

Live from Book Expo America

An interview with Johnny during BEA, Book Expo America, streaming live from WIOX Radio in NY, to Jacob Javits Center, also in NY. 

Host Maggie Cullen and guest host Melody DiDigorio laugh plenty with Johnny, focusing on the excitement of exhibiting the EKKO Mysteries Trilogy at the biggest book fair in America. Johnny describes the fictional band, Nathan Juju, and explains the bands role in the multimedia books.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ready to get your beach on? 

It's just you and CJ on the beach, no one else around. A cool breeze tickles your neck as you sip a summer cocktail. 

It's time to have an affair with a soundman.!/20-Buck-Bundle/p/56901670/category=5817316

"A world within our own, yet hidden from all of us." 
Or maybe you want to just add water?!/5-Buck-Bundle/p/66283358/category=5817316

Wishing you a 'wicked cool' summer!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thank you for attending the EKKO Screenplay reading. 

You are my heroes.