Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It's all About Perception.

On a hill in northern Manhattan I witnessed an incredible view of Broadway running south. For miles the white lights flickered above a river of red and white car lights.  A succession of green traffic lights shined dominantly down the center of the scene, starting at thirty feet wide and ending at half-an-inch. I had to stop and stare. My natural tendency was to wait for a yellow light to break the pattern, but the  lights seemed to stay green longer than usual. I realized in a split-second that I needed to turn away, I needed to burn this image in my mind. No camera could have captured this, and I still see it this morning. 

Lesson learned: Don’t anticipate a yellow light. Green means go


  1. I like that. We can look for things which will stop us – or we can take the opportunity to keep moving to where we want to be.

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