Monday, February 13, 2012

More reviews from EKKO White Limousine...Big thanks to these guys!!

In the world of sci-fi there are two things: Genius and crap.
EKKO is the former, and so much more. Instead of been there done that interplanetary wars, monsters and aliens, we get the most original idea to come along in eons. Johnny Walker has come up with a premise so original, it challenges all you have ever understood about music, dimension and physics. A world that exists within our own yet hidden from all of us. That is until we meet C.J. The man who discovers it all. EKKO is so methodically mapped out in terms of characters, plot and scene. I went back for a second read to see what nuances I might have overlooked, and man are there nuances! We also get the first new original technology in perhaps ever! The Hayson is one of those things that will eventually become a part of our vernacular, like Death Star or the transporter. Finally a maverick has come to blow the dust off of what sci-fi has become over the last two decades, cliché and boring. There is not one borrowed idea, not one similar character, Nor one familiar theme. This is original from the ground up. Mr. Walker seems to have channeled something from the next dimension and will have you bringing a flashlight to bed to make sure you are alone.
Powerfully original and breathtakingly fascinating!

By Dirk Kennedy – Jan 30, 2012

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