Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guest posting by Tommy Stretton.  

Here's an article on how to apply Pinterest to your business.

  Businesses: Getting Started with Pinterest

 Social media is steadily becoming one of the main ways in which business connect with their consumers and announce new products or services. Pinterest is steadily rising in the ranks as one of the top three social media sites for a business to utilize in order to promote their service or product. Pinterest is a different type of social media site in that the business is basically pinning images and videos for everyone to see. However, it is often said a picture can be worth more than any article or text the business utilizes. There are several ideas a business can utilize in order to make their images stand out more, but first, the business must get started with Pinterest.

  Getting Started
 When first getting started with Pinterest is a good idea to make the profile stand out immediately. The business owner will want to ensure they make the profile complete as can be. The profile is the main way in which people will discover more about the business, thus having an incomplete profile is only going to let to disaster. It may also be a good idea to buy Pinterest followers in order to start advertising the business immediately after starting the Pinterest account.

  Building the Profile
 Among the basic features of the profile including the business name and the like, the image of the business should be present. Keep in mind Pinterest is a visual social media site, thus the idea of having a business logo is the best idea. The person should make this business logo something which will stand out against the other businesses out there. Research has found business logos which contain bright and solid colors are those which are noticed more often than others. If the business already has a logo, then by all means use this, since this is already the recognized symbol for several consumers out there.

 After Passing the Starting Point
 Once you have utilized your profile to its fullest potential, make your first post as soon as possible. This is the best way in which someone can get more followers on Pinterest. The first posting should be one which will draw attention immediately, while also allowing for people to learn all they can about the company. This means making this image or video all about the business. Though most businesses do not constantly post images related directly to the business, but may make this something which consumers will have an interest in. However, the first post should be directly related to the business. The use of Pinterest is one of the best ways for a business to connect to a different set of consumers on the market. More and more people are utilizing Pinterest to find businesses for their needs, and any business who is not utilizing this source is losing out on business. When competing in a market like the current market, it is essential a business takes any advantage they can. This is the only way in which a company can reach the heights that are possible.

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