Tuesday, September 9, 2014

EKKO Mysteries Trilogy has hit the streets. 

Thanks to Apple's new Interactive iPad features, we've taken the EKKO story up a notch, by jumping in the studio and creating some musical recordings. As opposed to background music, these lyrics have been structured to fit the story, as have the song styles, matching a band that has, fictionally, been touring for over twenty years.

As CJ tours with the rock band, Nathan Juju, there are now live music snippets in the books that follow the paranormal stage adventures. The recordings place the reader in the front row of the concert, in the moment, making the reading experience much more fun. 

We've also added some awesome pics, an opening video, and a glossary for those technical terms, to all three books.

There were many great artists, engineers, and vocalists involved in the Nathan Juju CD, and we're honored to have them on board. For information on Nathan Juju, the band that lives in the books, please visit  www.NathanJuju.com

All in the name of fun...

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