Saturday, September 27, 2014

Passing this on from Martha Jette  

Yesterday, I learned that Download Genius has every single one of my books and ebooks listed for free download.

Every author needs to be aware of this site and to check to see that their books are not being offered for free there.

Authors work very hard writing their books and even harder to ensure that they are perfect. We do not deserve to be ripped off in this way.

I have contacted, which handles many of my works to let them know that they are losing money because of this site. They make much more than I do off of them so you would think they would take action.

As of this morning, I received a response from Amazon saying they did not authorize these books on Download Genius and are having their respective departments look into this matter further.

I don't know at this point if anything will be resolved here. I received an email from Download Genius this morning saying they took down one of my books but when I checked, it was still listed.

Make sure you go to the site as soon as possible. Then inform your publisher, Amazon or other affected site that this has happened to you too. Hopefully, it has not.

I will attempt to stay on top of this until this site gets my books off their list and will keep you posted. If you see that this has happened to you, please let me know. There is strength in numbers, so this is very important.

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